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With the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning as a starting point, theatre and radio maker Naomi Steijger will discuss the construction and history of Rotterdam’s Museum Park with designer Petra Blaisse, curator Ellen Smit and local residents and park users. This is the third in the Green in the City podcast series.

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Landscape architecture office Gustafson Porter is currently redesigning Museum Park to make it relatively car-free and changing its landscaping. The ponds around Het Nieuwe Instituut will function as water storage, with a clean water system provided by aquatic plants. There will be trees, perennials and flower bulbs, benches, cycling lanes and walking paths, some in the form of decking. The New Garden, Het Nieuwe Instituut’s outdoor space, is also being redesigned. In spring 2015, artist Frank Bruggeman and landscaper Hans Engelbrecht designed the New Garden along ecological lines with scope for rewilding, making a statement about urban nature management. The new design maintains the pursuit of biodiversity and explores possibilities for the garden to be a safe and welcoming place for visitors and passers-by.


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