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Daria Kiseleva

Daria Kiseleva’s research concerns the aesthetics of representation, and how cultural, social, political and economic conditions manifest themselves in visual culture and media technologies. The video installation she is making for Open Archive 3.0 investigates how imagination manifests itself in archives, through utopian ideas, political imaginations and carnival celebrations. It examines the question of the right to imagination, and whether archives can be a space to envision a different future.

Alice Wong & Simo Tse

Snelle Berichten Nederland-China (Fast Messages Netherlands-China) was a Cantonese radio programme by and for the Cantonese community in the Netherlands that was funded by the Dutch government from 1990 to mid-2000. The programme can be seen as a mirror reflecting changing attitudes towards immigrants, within both the decision-making class and the wider community. The Voices and Breaths project for Open Archive 3.0 connects the radio presenters’ working experience with their experiences as Dutch-Chinese in the Netherlands, creating a dialogue between their past and present selves.

Remco Torenbosch

Remco Torenbosch investigates the socio-economic and political forces that have an often invisible yet profound influence on global society. For Open Archive 3.0, he investigates the origins of the communist party in the Netherlands and the resulting communist party in Indonesia during the Dutch colonial period. Torenbosch wants to re-archive this underexposed history by means of a visual study, and to visualise how these two political parties, both with strong anti-colonial programmes, contributed to Indonesian independence.

Dutch and English

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Open Archive

Opening up digital, royalty-free collections for creative re-use yields new and surprising stories for both makers and institutions. It also provides insight into the user-friendliness and accessibility of collections, and into the technical and copyright implications of re-use. Het Nieuwe Instituut and Sound & Vision are working together with the International Institute of Social History to stimulate the creative re-use of open, digital heritage collections.

Artists Alice Wong & Simo Tse, Remco Torenbosch and Daria Kiseleva were selected for the Open Archive 3.0 project following an open call.

New forms of accessibility

Networking and partnerships are essential for opening up the collection. Different forms of research – speculative, academic, design, public – may develop new approaches, methodologies and narratives that we can use to look at, assign value and give meaning to the collection.

Tip: Re:use Clinic#2

On 29 September, the second Re:use Clinic will take place courtesy of Open Archive partner IISH in Amsterdam. The Open Archive Re:Use Clinic is a series of practical public events for heritage professionals and those interested in the creative re-use of heritage collections. Find out more on the website.