Exhibition Council

The Exhibition Council for Architecture and Related Arts was set up around 1920, with the aim of organising exhibitions to ‘promote the flourishing of the arts‘. Representatives of various societies in the field of architecture as well as in the ornamental, artisanal and applied arts served on the council. In the period between 1925 and 1935, a collection of photographs was built up to draw attention to the cream of the crop of Dutch architecture. The collection was used in countless exhibitions, including the World Fairs in Paris in 1925 and Brussels in 1935. The photographs of the Council were intended to paint an ideal picture: they emphasise the artistic and aesthetic manifestations of architecture.

No Kown Copyright Restrictions

Flickr Commons is the 'heritage department' of the popular photo sharing site Flickr, where heritage institutions present 'orphaned' photographic works. Photos on Flickr Commons are 'licensed' with a 'No Known Copyright Restrictions' label. Heritage institutions often manage collections containing 'orphaned' works: photos taken by unknown parties that can not be identified or contacted. Flickr Commons is initiated for making public these collections.