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16 JUNE 2022

Sunday 19 June marks the opening of the exhibition Re_Making at Foundation B.a.d., about the remarkable and forgotten practices of photography and film. Part of this window exhibition is the project Retake by Brittany Brighouse, Janou Munnik and Eelco Roelsma, digitisation specialists of Het Nieuwe Instituut. Retake shows the 'happy accidents' of the digitisation process.

Open Archive Selects Artists for Third Edition

30 MARCH 2022

Via an open call, artists Alice Wong & Simo Tse, Remco Torenbosch and Daria Kiseleva have been selected for the Open Archive 3.0 project. Open Archive focuses on the creative reuse of archival materials. The participants will use the open digital collections of Het Nieuwe Instituut, Sound and Vision and the International Institute of Social History to create a new media work in which artistic research and the creative process are central.

Dada Collage by Hannah Höch on Loan

14 FEBRUARY 2022

The Bröhan Museum in Berlin is exhibiting a work by the German artist Hannah Höch (1889-1978) from the collection of Het Nieuwe Instituut. Höch is best known for her political and feminist Dadaist collages. Hannah Höch spent several years in the Netherlands, an important period in her personal and professional life. The traces of these relationships can be found in various archives in the collection.

Open Call: Open Archive 3.0

27 JANUARY 2022

Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the International Institute of Social History (IISH) are offering three media makers a six-month residency. During the residency, they will each create a new, autonomous media work that makes use of the open, digital collections of (one or more of) the three institutions.

National Collection Acquires Tiled Floor Design by Theo van Doesburg for the De Vonk Holiday Home

23 NOVEMBER 2021

Het Nieuwe Instituut has acquired a design by Theo van Doesburg for the tiled floor in the De Vonk Holiday Home. Designed by J.J.P. Oud in 1917, the building was one of the first collaborations between members of De Stijl, who strove shortly after the First World War to create a new kind of living environment in which architecture and colour would merge to form a total work of art.

Berlage’s Dream Museum

4 AUGUST 2021

The exhibition A Dream of a Museum at the Kunstmuseum Den Haag is devoted to the single largest artwork in the museum’s collection: the building itself. Designed by Hendrik Petrus Berlage (1856-1934), it attracted both harsh criticism and lavish praise when completed, and is now regarded as his masterpiece. For the exhibition, Het Nieuwe Instituut has loaned presentation drawings and models from the extensive Berlage archive.

From Scanner to Digilab: Digitisation Gets More Professional

27 JULY 2021

Het Nieuwe Instituut has been working on digitising the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning for more than ten years. That process has now undergone considerable professionalisation and acceleration as part of the six-year Disclosing Architecture programme, which focuses on preserving the collection and making it more visible. Digitisation is the starting point and prerequisite for numerous projects designed to make the architecture collection more visible and accessible.

Memory of the Designed Landscape

8 JULY 2021

Until now, there has been no public remit for preserving the archives of garden and landscape architects and there has been no official policy with regards to which institution should house them. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has asked Het Nieuwe Instituut to conduct a study into how to deal with the archives of garden and landscape architects as a heritage task.