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National Collection Acquires Tiled Floor Design by Theo van Doesburg for the De Vonk Holiday Home

23 NOVEMBER 2021

Het Nieuwe Instituut has acquired a design by Theo van Doesburg for the tiled floor in the De Vonk Holiday Home. Designed by J.J.P. Oud in 1917, the building was one of the first collaborations between members of De Stijl, who strove shortly after the First World War to create a new kind of living environment in which architecture and colour would merge to form a total work of art.

Berlage’s Dream Museum

4 AUGUST 2021

The exhibition A Dream of a Museum at the Kunstmuseum Den Haag is devoted to the single largest artwork in the museum’s collection: the building itself. Designed by Hendrik Petrus Berlage (1856-1934), it attracted both harsh criticism and lavish praise when completed, and is now regarded as his masterpiece. For the exhibition, Het Nieuwe Instituut has loaned presentation drawings and models from the extensive Berlage archive.

From Scanner to Digilab: Digitisation Gets More Professional

27 JULY 2021

Het Nieuwe Instituut has been working on digitising the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning for more than ten years. That process has now undergone considerable professionalisation and acceleration as part of the six-year Disclosing Architecture programme, which focuses on preserving the collection and making it more visible. Digitisation is the starting point and prerequisite for numerous projects designed to make the architecture collection more visible and accessible.

Memory of the Designed Landscape

8 JULY 2021

Tot dusver is het archiveren van tuin- en landschapsarchitectuur niet als publieke taak benoemd en het ontbreekt aan een duidelijk adres waar de archieven kunnen worden bewaard. Het ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (OCW) heeft Het Nieuwe Instituut gevraagd te onderzoeken hoe om te gaan met de archieven van tuin- en landschapsarchitectuur als erfgoedopgave. Het onderzoeksrapport is hier te downloaden.

MVRDV’s Living Archive

11 MAY 2021

Because the computer is now an indispensable tool in the design process, the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning is increasingly collecting digital archival materials. The conference Repositioning Architecture in the Digital included a workshop dedicated to MVRDV’s digital archive: Behind the Screens. It discussed a variety of topics relating to digital archives, such as acquisition, management and preservation, accessibility, usability and publishing.

Open Archive: Three New Media Works in Development

13 APRIL 2021

Het Nieuwe Instituut is organising the second edition of Open Archive together with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the International Institute of Social History. Open Archive invites three makers to search for new narratives in the digital collections of these three institutions, resulting in three new media works. Halfway through the process, the selected artists are currently fully engaged in their research. Although they come from different disciplines, the theme of ‘activism and archives’ forms a common thread in their three projects.

Only Surviving Model by Theo van Doesburg Acquired for the National Collection

22 MARCH 2021

Het Nieuwe Instituut has acquired a model of an interior by Theo van Doesburg for the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning. It is a design for one of the most important architectural projects of De Stijl: the cinema-cum-dance hall in the Aubette building in Strasbourg (1928). It is also the only model by Van Doesburg to survive. The acquisition has been made possible by contributions from the Mondriaan Fund, the Vereniging Rembrandt and Galerie Gmurzynska.

Digitising the Archive of Cora Nicolaï-Chaillet

2 MARCH 2021

A large part of the archive of interior architect Cora Nicolaï-Chaillet has recently been digitised as part of the Disclosing Architecture programme. Almost seven metres of archival materials have been translated into 9490 digital files. The digitisation of this archive, one of the few archives in the National Collection created by a woman, fits with our ambition to reveal non-dominant perspectives in architectural practice.