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Projects and ideas

The third Open Archive session at the end of June was led by expert Dirk Vis, a writer of fiction, columns, screenplays and essays. During this meeting, Vis guided the makers through the maze that the Open Archive project can sometimes be. No matter how inspiring the material is, sometimes ideas are difficult to visualise. This third session focused mainly on this aspect in relation to each individual project.

Oana is exploring how we perceive technology. Does it frighten us or is it our salvation? She looks at language use and rhetoric in news broadcasts dealing with early forms of automation. The idea is to translate her research into an audio-visual installation that reflects upon the rise of artificial intelligence. She is also intrigued by images with a dystopian atmosphere.

Donna is making a film that cannot be made. Her inspiration is Alfred Hitchcock’s concept of the McGuffin. Donna views the collections of both institutions as a repository of images, audio clips and objects that are employed as characters, sets and props in a speculative thriller. In this way, her films establish connections between the stories and events that are hidden within the collections.

Guy is concerned primarily with his position in relation to cultural institutions such as Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. What does it mean as a foreign artist to make an autonomous work here? How can you appropriate the past? Guy: ‘Mostly through the books, I came across numerous inspiring ways of architects and planners to “deal” with the built past: allowing nature to take over, selective replacement of materials, stripping surfaces to the core, defining (statistic) criteria for destruction or rescue, fencing and monumentalising selected elements, displacing, reuse of discarded materials and temporal approaches.’ In his proposal Con/de/struction, Guy shows an awareness of archives’ social and political roles. The archiving process involves constant forms of exclusion. Within this context, Guy wants to explore spatial strategies within Dutch architecture in which factors such as demolition, re-use, renovation, conversion and camouflage play a role.

Exhibition and symposium

There will be no expert meetings during the next two months. During this period, the makers will focus on shaping their ideas. The Open Archive exhibition will open at Het Nieuwe Instituut on 14 November 2019. A concluding symposium will be held on 28 November 2019, in which the makers and heritage institutions will discuss the creative re-use of heritage collections. The symposium will consist of an expert programme in the How Do You Do format, with the emphasis on the active exchange and sharing of knowledge. The new project page designed by Marius Schwartz and programmer François Girard-Meunier will be launched on 2 September.

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