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Making Choices

Archives produced in the period since 1960 are governed by the policy document, Making Choices (2012). Under the motto ‘From Who to What’, for archives from this period the institute has made a transition from a predominantly monographic acquisitions policy based on individual architects to a more thematic approach that places greater emphasis on the social context of architecture and the most important spatial developments over the past seventy years. Among the factors that precipitated this change was the question to what extent the architect remains the sole representative of the ‘creative dimension’ in architecture. Since the second half of the twentieth century, there have been enormous changes in the architectural profession, and today many more parties are involved in the design of the built environment. Making Choices broadens the perspective of architecture by seeing not only architects as the starting point for thinking about the profession but also the site, the context, social developments, and other parties such as clients, institutions and critics.

The acquisitions policy is regularly revised. The institute is currently reviewing the policy document Making Choices with the involvement of internal and external researchers. The aim is to create closer links between the collections, Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Research & Development department and the Jaap Bakema Study Centre (in partnership with Delft University of Technology and other universities) in order to strengthen the connections between research, acquisitions and presentations.