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There are various ways of reproducing materials from the collection: copying, scanning and taking (digital) photographs. Via the Search Portal, do it yourself in the Study Centre, or make use of Het Nieuwe Instituut Reproduction service.

Ordering reproductions via the Search Portal

You can order reproductions of archival materials via the Search Portal. Reproductions of items with an available description (as 'Object') can be ordered using the shopping cart at the bottom of the page. Items in the tree structure of an archive can be ordered via the shopping cart on the thumbnail of the image, or, if you are viewing the image in the viewer, via the link ‘order image’ lower right on the screen. Small, low-res versions of all images can be downloaded free of charge.

Reproduction service

You can order reproductions of archival materials that have not yet been scanned or that are not included in the Search Portal via the Reproductions Order Form. A member of the archive staff will then look for the image for you. We will let you know in advance if this will incur any research costs. The fees are stated in the price list.

All archival records can be supplied electronically. They are scanned or if the material is too vulnerable, digitally photographed. We send you the file via WeTransfer. When ordering, please state the archive code and the inventory number, if known, of the collection item to be digitised.

You can also order poster-size prints of collection items. The digital file is printed on high-quality paper up to A0 size, and the copy sent to you in a sturdy poster tube.

Terms of delivery
Reproductions will be delivered after payment has been received. As soon as we have processed your order, you will receive an invoice. After payment, delivery will be effected within 20 working days for a normal delivery or 10 working days for a fast delivery.

Making reproductions yourself in the Study Centre

Scanning and copying
You can make black-and-white A4 and A3 size copies yourself in the Study Centre. There is also an A4 scanner which you can use to scan and save texts and images digitally to an external medium (CD-ROM or USB stick). You are not permitted to reproduce any archive documents such as drawings, photos and sketches yourself; this must be done by the Reproduction service. However, you may copy and scan books, magazines and photos from photo documentation.

Taking photos
You are allowed to take (digital) photos of collection items yourself, provided you do not use a flashlight. These photographs are meant for study, not for publication.

Copyright and use of collection material

In most cases, Het Nieuwe Instituut is copyright holder of the items in the collection. When we acquire an archive, we also acquire the right to publish and reproduce the materials. You are free to use items from the collection for essays, websites, books or magazines. No extra costs are charged for publication. However, to do justice to the illustrated work, you are requested to mention the provenance of the work as well as its maker and title in a caption or acknowledgement (Collection Het Nieuwe Instituut/ archive code, inventory number).

Het Nieuwe Instituut does not hold copyright
In some cases, parties other than Het Nieuwe Instituut hold copyright. If this material is to be published, permission must be obtained from the copyright owner. Other conditions may also apply. Het Nieuwe Instituut customers are themselves responsible for making arrangements with regard to publication rights to items from the collection. We will be pleased to advise you on any rights/copyright matters.

When archives are transferred to Het Nieuwe Instituut, we do not obtain the rights to works by third parties such as photographers. Permission to publish photos must be obtained from the photographer or the collective copyright protection agency holding the photographer’s rights, such as the Nederlands Fotomuseum, the Maria Austria Instituut or the National Archives.

Should you have any questions about copyright or copyright owners regarding the collection, please contact the Study Centre staff 010-4401 270