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The collection of Het Nieuwe Instituut contains drawings, photographs and models from the archives of Dutch architects and urban planners. The library collects and manages information about Dutch and international architecture, urban design, and related fields such as spatial planning, landscape architecture, interior architecture and design. The collection is available for research in the Study Centre.

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Searching the collection

The search portal provides access to the collection of Het Nieuwe Instituut. The collection consists of the national archive of Dutch architecture and urbanism, a library with an international scope. You will find books and magazines, drawings and sketches, photographs, models, letters, and collected clippings from and about Dutch architects

Portraits of architects

Het Nieuwe Instituut’s photo collection contains a large number of photographs of architects: at the drawing board, on a study trip, giving a lecture, in a meeting, teaching students, on holiday, at lunch. From snapshots to formal portraits.

The collection on Flickr Commons

On Flickr Commons Het Nieuwe Instituut presents photographs, drawings and models from the collection, often in response to current exhibitions, lectures or other activities. Flickr Commons offers a platform for heritage that can be freely used because no evidence of copyright protection has been found.

History of the collection

The collection of Het Nieuwe Instituut is much older than the institute itself. Drawings from important architects were collected since the end of the ninteenth century, but it was not until a hundred years later that these collections were housed in an architecturemuseum.


What is the situation of the archives of artists, designers, collectors, cultural institutions and businesses? Boekmanstichting, the State Archive for Dutch Architecture and Urbanism/Het Nieuwe Instituut, DEN Knowledge centre for Digital Heritage, the Reinwardt Academy and the RKD Dutch Institute for Art History organize a debate on 30 March in which the state of the cultural archives will be examined.

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